The finest restored prints of the year premiering in Lyon
Lumière Classics is the festival label that endeavours to support – this year more than ever – a selection of restored films. Thus, in the framework of the festival, works restored and put forward by archives, producers, rights holders, distributors, studios and film libraries will benefit from a special distinction.
The distributors and rights holders of Lumière Classics films: Bac Films, Capricci, Carlotta Films, Ciné Sorbonne, Documentary and Feature Film Studios, The Jérôme Seydoux-Pathé Foundation, Fix A Film, Gaumont, LCJ Éditions, Lobster Films, Lost Films, Malavida, MK2, Pathé, Potemkine, Rimini Éditions, Spectrum Films, StudioCanal, Swashbuckler Films, TF1 Studio, Universal Pictures France.
The Strange Affair of Uncle Harry
by Robert Siodmak (1945, 1h21)
Harry Quincey (George Sanders) lives with his two sisters, Lettie and Hester. When Harry meets Deborah, Lettie, jealous, tries to prevent their relationship… A film noir with Hitchcockian accents of human obsessions, carried by remarkable actors and directed by a master.
Never released in France. Digitization from a positive, the only existing print element.
6 January 2021. 
Distributor: Swashbuckler Films

Difficult Years
by Luigi Zampa (Anni difficili, 1948, 1h53)
Aldo Piscitello, a modest civil servant, is forced, in spite of his beliefs, to join the Fascist Party to keep his job... Difficult Yearsis the first film of Zampa’s political trilogy, which denounced the cowardice of Mussolini’s regime.
2K restoration performed by the laboratory of L'Immagine Ritrovata (Bologna) in 2020.
Thursday, 15 October at 2:15 pm at Comœdia

Les Enfants terribles
by Jean-Pierre Melville (1950, 1h45)

Paul and Elisabeth, inseparable, live with their dying mother. Injured during a snowball fight, Paul remains bedridden… An adaptation of the novel by Cocteau, a transgressive and mysterious work, brought to the screen through lively, precise and poetic directing.
4K restoration from the negative carried out by the VDM laboratory. Re-release coming soon.
Distributor: LCJ Editions 

People Will Talk 
by Joseph L. Mankiewicz (People Will Talk, 1951, 1h50)

Professor at the Faculty of Medicine, Dr. Praetorius confronts attacks from a jealous colleague who suspects the former of being a charlatan... Resolutely optimistic, a film that is both unconventional and humanist. Featuring a vibrant Cary Grant.
4K restoration made from the original negative by the Technicolor US laboratory for 20th Century-Fox and Swashbuckler Films. Re-release: 4 November 2020. 
Distributor: Swashbuckler Films
Tuesday, 13 October at 10:30 am at the Villa Lumière

Fanfan la Tulipe
by Christian-Jaque (1952, 1h42)

Fanfan, a young peasant warrior, forced into the army, gets involved in multiple adventures of glory and love... A huge hit with the public, starring Gérard Philipe, explosive, at the top of his game.
4K restoration by TF1 Studio from the negative original nitrate image and the negative of the French nitrate sound, with the support of the CNC, OCS and Coin de Mire Cinéma. Digital and photochemical work carried out by the Hiventy laboratory in 2020.
Dsitributor: TF1 Studio

An Actor's Revenge
by Kon Ichikawa (Yukinojô henge, 1963, 1h53)

In full performance, a famous actor recognizes in the audience the three men behind the suicide of his parents, whom he had promised himself to avenge… A dazzling film of highly stylish aesthetics.
Restored in 4K by the Kadokawa company. Theatrical and DVD/Blu-ray re-release in November of 2020.
Distributor: Carlotta Films - DVD and BR publisher: Rimini Éditions 
Thursday, 15 October at 8:30 pm at Lumière Bellecour

Joy House
by René Clément (Les Félins, 1964, 1h38, EngST)
Wanted by a gangster, a young seducer finds refuge in a home where two women hire him as a driver… A stylish thriller with Alain Delon starring Americans Lola Albright and Jane Fonda…

2K scan performed in Italy. Restoration of 2K image supervised by Frédéric Chabal for Digital. Sound restoration carried out by L.E. Diapason. Restoration complements performed by Éclair Cinéma.
Distributor: Gaumont 
Wednesday, 14 October at 8:30 pm at Cinéma Opéra
Saturday, 17 October at 10:30 am at the Lumière Institute

Crime on a Summer Morning
by Jacques Deray (Par un beau matin d'été, 1965, 1h49)
Tired of their schemes, a duo of crooks agrees to participate in one last kidnapping which should bring them millions… First big role for Geraldine Chaplin, remarkable alongside Jean-Paul Belmondo.
4K restoration led by Pathé and carried out by L’Immagine Ritrovata (Bologna).
Distributor: Pathé 
The Amusement Park
by George A. Romero (1973, 53min)

As he walks to an amusement park, an old man finds himself in the middle of a nightmare... This film, lost for almost 50 years, is a true event, made possible thanks to the George A. Romero Foundation and Suzanne Desroch-Romero. A terrifying movie about old age.

4K restoration supervised by Suzanne Romero in collaboration with IndieCollect, a New York company committed to preserving independent American cinema. Re-release coming soon.
Distributor: Potemkine 
Saturday, 17 October at 7:30 pm at Comœdia

The Wicker Man
by Robin Hardy (1973, 1h34)

A police officer visits a remote island to investigate the disappearance of a little girl. He discovers that the local population is engaged in strange ceremonies... A true oddity, strange and magnificent, punctuated with scenes of pagan worship, to a psychedelic folk soundtrack.
Restoration for the 40th anniversary of the film. Final cut version supervised by the director Robin Hardy for the British Film Institute from the negative and various positive prints. Re-release: 4 November 2020
Distributors: Lost Films and StudioCanal
Monday, 12 October at 10 pm at Lumière Terreaux

Picnic at Hanging Rock
by Peter Weir (1975, 1h47)

During a school trip, young girls venture out to a rock, an ancient place of worship of the aborigines. Some of them disappear... Film of a flamboyant and haunting beauty, met with great public success.
Original camera negative lent by The National Film and Sound Archive of Australia (NFSA) - Melbourne, 4K scan performed by Fixafilm South Asia - Canberra. Supervised by Russel Boyd (director of photography), calibrated by Gosia Grzyb (Fixafilm, LA). Produced by Second Sight Films (GB) in collaboration with Ingrid and Peter Weir.
Rights-holder: Fix a Film
Distributor: Bac Films
Sunday, 18 October at 11:15 at Comoedia

The Brood
by David Cronenberg (979, 1h32)

A woman undergoes therapy with a psychiatrist who employs secret methods. The side effects turn out to be particularly destructive... An extraordinary work that marked the history of horror films.

DCP 2K supervised by David Cronenberg and Criterion. Re-release in 2021.
Distributor: Capricci

All the King’s Men
by King Hu (Tian xia di yi, 1983, 1h41)
In the midst of a political crisis, a prime minister secretly sends for the only doctor able to cure the emperor... A historical account of stunning beauty on the fall of the Zhou dynasty.

2K restoration from the original negative led by The Taiwan Film Institute. Never released previously – Release: December 2020.
Distributor: Spectrum Films
La Cérémonie
by Claude Chabrol (1995, 1h51)
Sophie works as a maid at the house of the Lelièvres. She forms a friendship with the postwoman who encourages Sophie to show disdain and insolence to her employers… A fascinating film of brutality and pertinence with Sandrine Bonnaire and Isabelle Huppert.
4K restoration by the ÉCLAIR from the original negative. Calibration performed by Bruno Patin in collaboration with MK2. Sound from the magnetic original sound. Re-release on 18 November 2020 with four other films by Claude Chabrol: Merci pour le chocolat, Torment (L’Enfer), The Flower of Evil (La Fleur du mal),The Swindle (Rien ne va plus).
Distributor: MK2 and Carlotta Films
Lumière Classics is also...
The label is also attributed to works of the Treasures & Curiosities section, which reminds us of the importance of immersing ourselves in cinema that is often little-known, yet essential. It highlights the consistent and active work of film libraries and archives from around the world to restore heritage films and ensure that classic cinema thrives. 
Finally, the label also concerns titles from other sections, as is the case for The Wife and the Puppet (La Femme et le pantin) by Jacques de Baroncelli (1928), The Last Stage by Wanda Jakubowska (Ostatni etap, 1948), Journey to Italy by Roberto Rossellini (Viaggio in Italia, 1954), The Diary of Anne Frank by George Stevens (1959), The Gentleman from Epsom by Gilles Grangier (The Gentleman from Epsom, 1962), The Basilisks/The Lizards by Lina Wertmüller (I basilischi, 1963), Born on the Fourth of July by Oliver Stone (1989), Way out West by James W. Horne (1937), Hog Wild   by James Parrott (1930). 

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